Creativity and Business Innovation

The aim of the Creativity and Business Innovation Programme is to produce highly skilled business professionals who can effectively organize and execute complex solutions in our modern society. As a student, you will acquire cutting-edge knowledge, innovative thinking, and advanced methodologies.

By generating creative ideas and solutions, you will be able to drive business growth and demonstrate a deep understanding of the continuous evolution of strategic business processes. Moreover, you will develop excellent communication skills to engage with stakeholders and create fresh, impactful concepts.

Bachelor’s Degree (BA)
3 years, full-time
From Monday to Wednesday
180 ECTS
Field of Study:
Business and Administration
Application deadline:
30.06 (non-EU) / 31.07 (EU)
Tuition fee per year:
7120 € (EU) / 7520 € (non-EU)
Career opportunities
The Creativity and Business Innovation Programme is tailored for individuals who aspire to become entrepreneurs, product or service managers, and business executives. This program offers a comprehensive understanding of the essential components of an innovative business, regardless of whether it is a new venture or a part of an existing company.
A graduate of the program
  • is well capable of operating in various environments, with flexibility and creativity, attuned to the needs of the organisation.
  • is ready for the professional work, both individually and in teams, in the field of his/her major and minor field of study. Prepared for the roles of both employer and employee.
  • shows initiative and creativity in initiating projects/activities.
  • displays a sense of responsibility and leadership and teamwork skills.
  • recognizes available market opportunities and develops solutions in the form of a new product or service.
  • has acquired professional competencies that enable one to launch a professional career.
Criteria for admission

To be eligible for admission, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of an internationally recognized secondary education program
  • Passing an online test
  • Submission of a motivation letter
  • Participation in an admission interview
  • Displayed motivation to study and an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Proof of English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 (IELTS score validity is three years), TOEFL 46-59 (TOEFL score validity is two years), Cambridge 162-170
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If you have any questions regarding admission, please get in touch with

Head of Curriculum
Marleen Lillemaa, MA
Aminul Islam, PhD
I teach corporate social responsibility and academic writing, which students usually take during their first year of studies when they are just getting acquainted with this new chapter in their lives. By the time they reach their final year and attend my 'Creativity as a Scientific Field of Study', I can see how the same students are full of creative ideas that they want to implement in the real world. It is very rewarding to see that development and how young people reach their full potential during the „Creativity and Business Innovation“ program.
Janek Popell, MSc
I like to implement my wide range of experience in international business by reading the basics of economics, sales, and marketing as well as the business innovation lectures. During the „Creativity and Business Innovation“ curriculum my mission is to help students understand the basics of entrepreneurship and give comprehensive, innovative, and practical competencies on how to start, run, and be successful in the sustainable business landscape.
About EUAS
Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences is located in Ülemiste City, which is the largest business campus in the Baltics. Our aim is to create a community of talented individuals from all around the globe. We offer practical education that aligns with the needs of global employers in innovative business sectors, thus enhancing our students' career prospects.
I am grateful for the chance to be a part of EUAS. It's a place where students can freely interact with faculty and staff, creating an excellent learning environment. EUAS has been instrumental in providing me with opportunities to grow and explore my skills. The emphasis on fun activities alongside education has been especially helpful. The environment is positive and healthy, and the teachers are highly supportive.
I have chosen to study creativity and business innovation because, as a future entrepreneur, I believe that the knowledge and concepts behind CBI will give me the confidence to establish a company/startup and hone my skills, as well as learn from the experiences of others. Additionally, the learning environment is located in Tallinn, which is known as one of Europe's start-up hotspots. This presents great opportunities for me to find the right team, shape the right products, and take off with my entrepreneurial career. One of the best things about EUAS is that students from different nationalities attend, and the staff are incredibly helpful not only with academic-related issues but also with advice on how to integrate into the Estonian culture and learn the Estonian language up to level A2.
I am confident in my decision to pursue studies at EUAS due to their track record of grooming successful and innovative professionals. One of the main reasons I chose this curriculum is because it promotes globalization through education. I appreciate that EUAS motivates students to step out of their comfort zones and study more. The staff at EUAS are committed, professional, ethical, and hold high standards. The lecturers have extensive experience and are focused on their goals. Overall, my experience with EUAS has been fantastic, and I credit my Head of Curriculum for establishing a pleasant atmosphere that greatly contributed to my success.
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