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Spring School in Turkey

Hi, I’m Marili Ringo and I'm studying marketing as a second year student. I took part in the Erasmus short-term study abroad program organised by the Istanbul Aydin University. The Digital Marketing course took place between 30 March - 6 April 2024 in Cappadocia, Türkey. I took part in the previous Short-Term Blended Course in Turkey and I really liked that. So when I saw that they have a Spring School and what worked with my schedule I decided to take part in that as well. 

Our days there were full of different activities. In the morning we had classes, after lunch different trips and in the evenings, my favourite part, me and two more students went to watch the sunset across the hotel.

I think the most unforgettable memory would be sunsets in the evening. It wasn’t part of the program but it was something we were waiting for every night. After the trips we went across the street of the hotel and climbed rocks that for Estonians seems like mountains. There we just watched the sun setting, admiring the colours and views the landscape gave us. It was just unreal and an experience I am going to miss.

I really would recommend Erasmus+ short programs to other students if they want to study in a different environment, learn a new culture and make new friends. This experience definitely gave me new friends, memories I won’t forget and knowledge I can use in life.