Software Development and Entrepreneurship
Software Development and Entrepreneurship

Learn to build software and your business.

Our Software Development and Entrepreneurship Programme is rather unique, as it will equip you with the currently most valued skills and knowledge in the fields of IT and Business. This programme aims to develop skilled IT professionals with strong software related skills and deep knowledge of how businesses function. The course consists of more than just lecturers and homework. Instead, we believe that good learning should be collaborative and social. Thus, you will be involved in individual as well as team projects, which will help you to develop other valuable transferable skills such as effective presentation skills, teamwork and report writing – all of which will further enhance you as a future leader in the industry.

Deadline for applications for EU and non-EU candidates: 30.11.2023

For questions about admission, please contact
Three-year program
Full-time study in English from Monday to Wednesday
Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc) degree
Entrepreneurship module (15 ECTS)
IT project management module (11 ECTS)
Mathematics and research methodology module (30 ECTS)
Basic studies module (20 ECTS)
Software development specialisation module (68 ECTS)
Final paper and internship module (35 ECTS)

A successful Software Development and Entrepreneurship Programme student could be anyone, who:
  • possesses good self-discipline.
  • is responsible and determined about his/her studies.
  • can overcome failures and sees problems as learning opportunities.
  • never stops trying to improve.
  • has a business-oriented mindset.
  • and can successfully work both independently as well and as a part of a team.

And if, on top of everything abovementioned, you have a knack for logical thinking, enjoy problem-solving and excel in subjects like mathematics – a degree in Software Development and Entrepreneurship is definitely for you.

Admission deadlines for Spring semester 2024:
  • application deadline for non-EU countries (EU visa required): 30.11.2023
  • application deadline for EU (and EU visa-free countries): 30.11.2023

Info about scholarships and grants can be found HERE.

Once in year in Tallinn
tuition fee per year for non-EU citizen 6920 €
tuition fee per year for EU citizen 6520 €
Criteria for admission
  • internationally recognized secondary education
  • online test
  • admission interview
  • motivation letter/short essay
  • proof of English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 (IELTS score validity is three years), TOEFL 46-59 (TOEFL score validity is two years), Cambridge 162-170.
For questions about admission, please contact
Head of Curriculum
Inna Švartsman, MSc