Software Development and Entrepreneurship

Our Software Development and Entrepreneurship Programme is a unique course designed to equip individuals with the most valued skills and knowledge in the fields of IT and Business. The program aims to develop skilled IT professionals with strong software-related skills and deep knowledge of how businesses function.

This course is not just about attending lectures and completing homework. Instead, we believe that effective learning can be achieved through collaboration and social engagement. As part of this program, you will participate in various individual and team projects that will help you develop essential transferable skills, such as effective presentation, teamwork, and report writing. These skills will further enhance your abilities as a future leader in the industry.

Bachelor’s Degree (BA)
3 years, full-time
From Monday to Wednesday
180 ECTS
Field of Study:
Informatics and information technology
Application deadline:
30.06 (non-EU) / 31.07 (EU)
Tuition fee per year:
7120 € (EU) / 7520 € (non-EU)
Successful Career in Technology

Are you interested in exploring the world of technology and considering a career in this exciting field? With constant advancements and innovations, a career in technology can be both challenging and highly rewarding.

The Software Development and Entrepreneurship Programme is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to succeed in this field. If you want to succeed in this program, you need to be a responsible and determined student who can motivate themselves. Don't be afraid of making mistakes - you can always learn from them. Self-improvement is a big part of this program, so keep striving towards your goals. Having an entrepreneurial mindset is also important for success. You should be comfortable working both independently and as part of a team. If you enjoy logical thinking and problem-solving, and are good at subjects like math, then this program is a perfect fit for you.

Criteria for admission

To be eligible for admission, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of an internationally recognized secondary education program
  • Passing an online test
  • Submission of a motivation letter
  • Participation in an admission interview
  • Proof of English proficiency: IELTS 5.5 (IELTS score validity is three years), TOEFL 46-59 (TOEFL score validity is two years), Cambridge 162-170
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Entrepreneurship module (15 ECTS)
IT project management module (11 ECTS)
Mathematics and research methodology module (28 ECTS)
Basic studies module (20 ECTS)
Software development specialisation module (69 ECTS)
Final paper and internship module (37 ECTS)
Head of Curriculum
Inna Švartsman, MSc
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