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Exploring Urban Tourism and Marketing Strategies: EUAS students Erasmus+ experience in Hungary

Five students from Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences, studying Marketing and Hotel and Restaurant Entrepreneurship, recently took part in the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Program in Hungary. 

Hanna-Liisa, a first-year marketing student, recounts her time in Hungary where she had the privilege of partaking in a BIP. The program was hosted by Budapest Business School and was titled “Behind the Scenes of Urban Tourism.” The program took place at the end of October, making it a unique and vibrant time to experience Budapest. 

She was captivated by the theme of urban tourism and how it intertwines with marketing strategies. Additionally, as an Estonian, she was keen on exploring the cultural differences between Eastern European countries and meet people from different cultures. 

Her days were filled with insightful lectures, immersive workshops, and walks in Budapest. In the evenings she was dedicated to exploring Budapest’s hidden gems, from cozy cafes to historical sites, immersing herself in the Hungarian culture and meeting up with other students. 

The most unforgettable memory for Hanna-Liisa was the ruin bars of Budapest. „These unique bars, set in abandoned buildings, showcased the city’s creative spirit. It was fascinating to see how these spaces were transformed into hubs of urban tourism, combining history, art, and entertainment. The ambiance was electric, and it provided valuable insights into innovative marketing strategies that create memorable experiences for tourists,“ she said.  

Hanna-Liisa added that „I highly recommend this experience to others. Exploring different cultures and new fields from an insider’s perspective was eye-opening and provides a deeper understanding. The program not only broadened my academic knowledge but also nurtured my passion for marketing, inspiring me to explore innovative approaches in my future endeavors.“ 

Furthermore, she says that this experience equipped her with practical marketing skills specific to the tourism industry. She learned to analyze consumer behavior in cultural context and gained insights into crafting effective marketing campaigns for urban destinations. Additionally, the friendships she formed with fellow participants and local students enhanced her global perspective and expanded her network.  

Through this project, Veera, also a first-year marketing student, has developed a new perspective on the city as a tourist, learning to appreciate the smaller details that are often overlooked. This experience has allowed her to broaden her understanding of the bigger picture and she is now more attuned to the nuances of different cultures. Working with a diverse team has also been a valuable learning experience, as she has been able to see how different people interpret things from the same point of view. Veera is grateful to the schools for implementing this project and is eager to participate in future Erasmus+ programs. She encourages others to take part in this opportunity for new experiences and challenges. 

Markus, a second-year marketing student, adds that he met some really nice people and made numerous new connections from all around the globe. Additionally, he expresses a strong desire to take part in future Erasmus+ programs if given the opportunity. 

The program was funded by European Union Erasmus+ program.