RPL stands for the recognition of prior learning.
In layman’s terms, RPL essentially is to recognize the skills and knowledge acquired from previous academic studies or job and life experiences and transfer the same to the current course requirements.

Using RPL allows the student to avoid unnecessary repetition of what has been previously studied and to focus primarily on developing new skills and knowledge. With RPL, a student can save both time and money.

RPL is applicable to any student who has:
  • previously learned content and level in correspondence with the goals and learning outcomes of the EUAS curriculum or its parts (modules or subjects)
  • previous studies that are valid and up to date
  • academic qualification which is recognized as per ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System)
A student may apply for credit towards completing the curriculum at EUAS in either of the following cases
  • Equivalent level education and further education completed in other higher education institutions or other educational and training institutions
  • Independent learning through work experience or daily activities.

Before applying for an admission pathway through RPL, one must evaluate previously acquired skills and knowledge honestly and critically:
  • Is the acquired knowledge following the content, level and scope of the learning outcomes of the EEC curriculum (subjects)?
  • Have the acquired knowledge and skills (in some cases several years ago) been sufficiently preserved (so that gaps in knowledge do not hinder further academic success)?
  • What kind of documents or evidence can be submitted in support of the acquired knowledge and skills (diplomas, certificates, certificates, samples of completed work, etc.)?

Although the preparation, submission and processing of RPL applications are electronic for the user's convenience and take place in the RPL environment of the learning information system, we strongly recommend that the applicant contact the head of curriculum at the current institute for advice before filing the application for RPL.

When preparing the RPL application and gathering supporting documents, an applicant must remember to include full documentation of all previous study which has been completed and/or evidence of relevant work experience.

An applicant must familiarize oneself with the EUAS RPL requirements, especially with the requirements for the application and supporting materials. We urge the applicant to remember that it is essential to indicate whether the previous studies and work experience correspond to the learning outcomes of the EUAS curriculum or its part. To take into account the work experience and what the applicant has learned independently, a self-analysis report needs to be prepared, for which the form and required list of acceptable supporting materials can be found here.

The application for RPL must be submitted by the deadline specified in the academic calendar. An applicant must make sure to plan accordingly so that there is enough time in hand to prepare the RPL application. An application is forwarded for evaluation only after all necessary documents have been submitted. The evaluation and notification of the results to the applicant could take 30-60 days from the deadline for submitting RPL applications specified in the academic calendar.


Please contact the closest RPL advisor for more details

Tallinna branch: Anna Natalitš

Tartu branch: Tiina Must