We organise an annual international Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference, with a focus on relevant topics. We bring in experts and researchers from home and abroad to share valuable advice and knowledge. We reflect on the changes around us and explore what solutions help us move forward in a smart and sustainable way, and what the current expectations of higher education institutions are. In addition, the conference presents the results of ongoing research.

2023 You Have Been Replaced by AI

2022 GREEN DIET: Digital (Data/Design), Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Technology

2021 Building the Virus-Resistant Company

2020 How to Avoid Getting Stuck in Today’s World

2019 Intuitive & Scientific Management & Decision-Making 

2018 Entrepreneurship and Employability

2017 Organizational and Social Capital as a Key for Future Success

2016 Disainist ja brändist tööstusele

2014 Change of Paradigm

2013 New Ways of Thinking

2012 Educational Aspects of Entrepreneurship and Creativity