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Estonia's First Microdegree in Artificial Intelligence Designed for Managers Now Accessible for Enrollment

The Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) proudly announces the launch of Estonia's pioneering microdegree program in artificial intelligence, AI for Managers. Tailored for leaders and entrepreneurs across the Baltic and Scandinavian regions, this program equips participants with the skills to harness artificial intelligence effectively, freeing up time for critical tasks and driving superior business outcomes. The inaugural cohort of this innovative microdegree program comprises 11 students.

In today's landscape, technological literacy stands out as one of the paramount competencies for entrepreneurs and leaders alike. Spearheaded by the university rector, Andrus Pedai, AI for Managers marks a strategic shift towards technology-centric management for the EUAS.

Andrus Pedai, Rector of the EUAS, underscores the program's significance: "The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report identifies artificial intelligence and machine learning as the fastest-growing sectors in the job market. Projections indicate a 40% surge in demand for AI and machine learning specialists over the next five years, translating to one million new jobs. At the EUAS, our mission is to furnish our students and microdegree participants with contemporary expertise in both business management and information technology. With our faculty comprising leading industry practitioners, learners gain a distinct competitive advantage in tomorrow's job market."

Developed in collaboration with leaders from the Ülemiste City campus, the microdegree program features contributions from several international experts. In addition to Rector Andrus Pedai, among the lecturers are neuroscientist Jaan Aru and data science expert Ott Velsberg.

The curriculum encompasses a spectrum of topics, including natural language processing, predictive analytics, deep learning, and algorithmic methodologies. Participants delve into the legal and ethical dimensions of big data and machine learning, while exploring strategies to leverage artificial intelligence for fostering human creativity and driving business success. Throughout the microdegree, participants craft strategies for seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence into their organizational frameworks.

The AI for Managers microdegree program is conducted in English and spans eight days over four months. The second cohort is slated to commence in autumn 2024.

Janus Paurman, Head of Master's Studies at the EUAS, remarks, "Navigating an AI-driven world is pivotal for today's and tomorrow's leaders, and the dissemination of knowledge in this domain represents a significant milestone for the EUAS."

The EUAS offers applied higher education and master's degree programs in Estonian, English, and Russian. Collaborating closely with entrepreneurs and industry leaders, the EUAS delivers sought-after disciplines in IT, business, and the arts. The college also offers practical microdegrees and open university courses. The EUAS boasts a diverse student body of over 1,100 individuals representing 30 nationalities. Situated within the vibrant Ülemiste City campus, the Tallinn campus serves as the center of international learning. Study options are also available in Tartu and Viljandi, at Clevon Academy for robotics software development.

Established in 1992, the EUAS has emerged as Estonia's premier institution for applied higher education and a trailblazer in private higher education.