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International Guest Lecturers' Day at the Estonian University of Entrepreneurship Mainor

On 4th October 2023, the Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS) held an International Guest Lectures Day where six international experts shared their extensive knowledge with our students and community.

Students learned about ‘Smart Cities and Smart (AI) Citizens’ from Professor Sven Maričić, Director at the Laboratory for AI and Robotics, at the Technical Faculty at the University of Juraj Dobrila in Pula/Head of the Center for Biomodelling and Innovation in Medicine at the Medical Faculty of the University of Rijeka; Professor Marko Turk from PAR University of Applied Sciences shared his knowledge on ’Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Foundations and Future Perspectives’; Professor Viktor Kozlovskij from VIKO explained a situation in labor market ’Labor Market: Should We Be Afraid of the Future?’; Jan Michael Rasimus, Head of Eye Tracking Labor from DHBW Karlsruhe showcased an Eye Tracking and Neuro-Marketing; Bert Van den Broeck from Thomas More University of Applied Sciences demonstrated how to ’Build Smart Websites

for Smart Cities and Smart City Projects’; Dr Henrijs Kalkis, University of Latvia outlined a ’Contemporary Business and Smart City Development with Effective and Ergonomic Solutions’.

The EUAS is delighted to have hosted this event, which we hope contributes to more sustainable and greener Europe. Thank you to all participants and contributors.