We are the mind of Ülemiste City

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  • Ülemiste City is the place where future happens. This is the largest Smart City in the Baltics and biggest privately owned business campus in Northern Europe. We offer the best environment for ambitious talents and scaling businesses. We've brought together all necessary daily services so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Our ambition is to be the place where local and international talents can succeed. We believe that meaningful work is created in an inspirational environment and by teams with common values. Innovative thinking is a typical trait of our community, here are more than 10,000 great minds already.

  • We value green environment and diverse architecture. Next to the refurbished 19th-century industrial architecture is the modern city space, enriched with innovative solutions. We inspire great visions and invest to turn these aspirations into the reality.

  • We have brought convenience services here so you can focus on your personal development. Here is an Estonian- English and French kindergarten, International school, doctors and dentists, car rentals, parking houses, sports clubs, cafes, restaurants, grocery store. And we are evolving constantly.

  • Successful solutions are born from desirable visions and ambitious goals. We cherish everything that brings momentum to new solutions, from education, co-creation to scientific research development. We value lifelong learning and our role is to support this pursuit.

  • We started constructing again to welcome another 1,000 community members in early 2020. The building created by KOKO Architects is named proudly after the famous Estonian chemist Viktor Palm. The building complex will be on the main intersection of Ülemiste City and with the best view to the sea.

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